My cute little sugar shack!

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I really like maple syrup, taffy on the snow, and maple sugar! Did you know that sugaring off and sugar shacks are typically a Quebec tradition ?  That is because maple trees grow better because of our weather conditions.  I am always excited to go to a sugar shack in the springtime – do you ?

Let’s build our own sugar shack together! Gather you materials and let’s start!


• 1 small brown paper bag
• newspaper or store circulars
• wooden coffee stir sticks
• 1 piece of Kleenex or tissue paper
• 1 colored piece of construction paper (you pick the color)
• glue, scissors, paintbrush and a stapler


•Fill the brown paper bag with the newspaper (or store circulars)
•Fold the open ends of the bag over and use the stapler to close it


•Glue the wooden coffee stir sticks onto your sugar shack to look like wooden boards


•Cut the pieces of the construction paper to decorate your sugar shack:  make a roof, windows, a chimney and a door!


•Gather all the pieces to put on your cute little sugar shack…
•You can do like I did and draw details, like squares, on the windows and a doorhandle on the front door.

TA-DA !!!

Here’s my sugar shack!
Did you see ?  I added some smoke coming from the chimney! 
Can you smell the maple water boiling ?


I hope you had fun making this activity with me!

Come back soon!

Your friend, Crafty xx

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