Stained Glass Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day will be here soon!  How would you like to make a beautiful decoration for this special day ? 

A pretty stained glass heart that you can hang in the window or from the ceiling. 

You could even give it as a present to someone you love very much. 

Let’s go!


  • Construction paper
  • Different colored tissue paper
  • White or transparent glue
  • Water
  • A piece of waxed paper
  • Scissors
  • Paint brush
  • White pencil crayon


  • Draw a frame in the shape of a heart on your construction paper
  • Cut it out
  • Use your heart frame as a template to make another heart frame


  • Cut strips of your tissue paper
  • Now you can cut squares out of the strips of tissue paper


  • Add a little bit of water into your glue and use your paint brush to glue the frame onto the waxed paper
  • Turn the heart frame upside down (facing the table)
  • Put glue on the waxed paper (the heart frame will be on the other side)
  • Glue your little squares of tissue paper onto the waxed paper


  • Put glue on top of your little squares of tissue
  • Glue your second heart frame onto the waxed paper (matching it to the other side) and let dry completely
  • Cut the waxed paper that extends past the heart frame


You now have a beautiful Valentine’s Day stained glass heart.

Be sure to hang it where there is a lot of light!


I hope you had fun making this activity with me!

Come back soon!

Your friend, Crafty xx


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