The Cocoa that Does Not Like Milk!

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Easter was so much fun!

I love to eat and there is one treat that I love to receive during this holiday, can you guess what it is?

Yes, chocolate!

Today, little scientist, we are going to do some experimenting with cocoa powder!

Are you ready?

Let’s go!


  • Cocoa powder
  • Milk
  • A mug
  • One toothpick
  • A little spoon


  • Fill up your mug with milk.


  • With your spoon, take a big spoonful of cocoa powder, big enough to form a ball.
  • Dip your spoon in the mug full of milk and take it out right away.


  • What do you see when you look at the spoon?
  • Does the milk seep through your cocoa ball or does it stay on top? Yes, it stays on top!


  • Insert your toothpick in the centre of your cocoa ball and watch what happens.
  • Did you see? The layer of milk on top is gone.
  • Cocoa powder is a hydrophobic substance, which means that it does not like water, this is why the milk did not penetrate the cocoa ball.


With your toothpick, you punctured the milk dome that had formed on your cocoa ball and it magically fell back into your cup!

That’s why it is sometimes difficult to mix cocoa powder and milk properly!


I hope you had fun making this activity with me!

Come back soon!

Your friend, Crafty xx


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