The Polar Bear and the Cold

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Have you ever wondered why polar bears aren’t cold when they jump into icy water?

Do you think it’s because of their thick fur?

Today, little scientist, I offer you a new experiment that will help you find the answer to my question.

Let’s go!


  • 1 big bowl of cold water
  • Ice cubes
  • Fat, butter or margarine
  • 1 wool glove


  • Put the ice cubes in the bowl of cold water.
  • Put on your glove.

*The glove mimics the polar bear’s fur.


  • Dip your finger in the icy water.
  • Do you feel the cold? Yes, because your glove is wet.

The bears’ fur doesn’t protect them from the icy water, just like your gloves when they are wet.


  • Take off your glove.
  • Coat your finger with a thick layer of fat.


  • Dip your finger in the cold water.
  • Can you feel the cold? No, because polar bears have a thick layer of fat that protects them from the cold, just like the grease on your finger.


t’s because of their thick fur that polar bears are not cold when they lie on the sea ice, and their thick layer of fat protects when they jump in the icy water. This layer of fat can add up to 10 cm!


I hope you had fun making this activity with me!

Come back soon!

Your friend, Crafty xx


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