How Les Éditions Chapeau Melon Began

Les Éditions Chapeau Melon was born in January 2005. The idea of writing personalized stories where the child is the hero of his or her own adventure came to mind while I was reading to my own children.

I would always change the name of the main character and replace it with my daughters’ names. Seeing the magical look, they would get in their eyes, it dawned on me that when kids feel like they’re at the heart of the adventure, their imagination soars!

I would like to say a huge thank-you to all our clients, who share my belief in the magic of books. Your support and trust have meant that thousands of children have received one or more books from our collection. And the adventure continues…

Our mission

To instill a love of reading, build children’s self-esteem, and unlock their creativity by giving them their own adventure in storybook form. They get to experience the thrill of being the hero for a few pages!

The Story Behind Melon the Bear

Melon, the cute bear who is the logo of my company, was born at night. It was one of those nights when I was wide awake with inspiration, and ideas were racing through my mind so fast I could hardly catch them. Melon represents the sweetness and innocence of childhood.

His hat, which is just a bit too big for him, symbolizes young children’s desire to grow.

Last but not least, the book Melon is holding not only illustrates my company’s mission, but also symbolizes an open window to the world, where children grow as they read

Our team

Isabelle Leblanc

Founder and Author

My name is Isabelle. I have a big heart and an entrepreneurial spirit, but above all I’m a loving partner and mommy.

Writing children’s books has been my way of achieving my mission: To share the love of reading and help children build their self-esteem.

I hope you enjoy my stories, which convey beautiful values like friendship, sharing, and helping one another. I hope that when you read them with your children, you will experience wonderful moments of bonding and happiness.

Nathalie Bossé


Hi !  My name is Nathalie Bossé, mom to Théo (8 years old) and Jasmine (6 years old).

My love of books, children and emotional support is what led me to write my first book for bereaved children following my husband’s death in 2017.

A personalized book about mourning took on special meaning for me.   By means of this concept, children can play a significant role in a story that represents THEIR reality.

I hope, with all my heart, that my stories provide comfort for these children and their loved ones.

Josée Tellier


My name is Josée, and I’ve been passionate about drawing since kindergarten! Early on, I knew I would work in this field. With that dream in mind, I practised drawing every day, which led to several awards in various regional competitions. This passion for the arts led me to pursue my studies in graphic design.

My portfolio grew through a variety of projects over the years, including children’s fashion lines, exhibits, and several young adult book covers, notably the popular series Le journal d’Aurélie Laflamme by India Desjardins.

Faithful collaborator of Isabelle and Melon the cute bear, I put my heart into creating universes to amaze the young and the big.

Pascale Crête


My name is Pascale and I am mother to two children.

I am captivated by images and driven by the desire to help in contributing to a better world.  I have a college degree in Fine Arts as well as a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design.  I worked in an advertising agency for over 10 years before starting my own design and illustrations company called “Créer un monde” in 2009.

Créer un monde provides workshops that focus on supporting each person during their discovery of one’s self through creativity, arts, self-awareness, and yoga.  My passion for drawing, watercolors, paint, and digital art inspires me in a poetic way so as to create a bridge between the imaginary and everyday life all while reaching the heart and soul of each person.

Hélène Beaulieu

Activity Creator

My name is Hélène and I have been working in the early childhood education field for 20 years now!

I am mom to two young adults, and they are the reason behind my passion for early childhood education.

My curiosity in the development of children is what pushed me to further my training in this field to help support and meet the growing needs of the children that come into my care.

I am passionate about early childhood education.  I have tons of ideas in my head and I enjoy being able to enrich the daily lives of little ones by getting them to experiment and reflect through games, and their actions.  I love creating environments, games, and activities for them that are full of magic and surprises – all while giving them a sense of wonder!

Maryse Brais

Activity Creator

My name is Maryse and I have been an educational daycare educator for the past 20 years.  I have a diploma in childhood education and mom to both a young adult and a teenager.  Children have always fascinated me with their wonderment, curiosity, imagination, spontaneity, and their resilience.   I am passionate about everything that revolves around the world of early childhood.  I love being able to nurture this passion by exploring other options and being open minded to new ideas.  This provides me with precious tools and piques my curiosity.

Developing creative activities that are stimulating, varied and above all, fun for my little friends is a tremendous pleasure for me. To see a twinkle in their eyes when they discover one of my new projects warms my daycare educator’s heart!

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